Detection of RNAs with flow cytometry

Director of International Programs at the Ragon Institute, MGH, MIT, and Harvard

Preparing Your Clinical Laboratory for High Throughput Buccal Swab DNA Purification

Director of Technology at Interleukin Geneticsaker

Statin Myopathy: When might it be autoimmune?

Director of the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

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System Reduces Teen Driving Accidents

The National Center for Health Statistics says that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year...

Targeting A Killer Protein

Scientists at the A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology have found that a normal cell process is disrupted by th...

Bad Luck May Play Key Role in Cancer Developing in Some Tissues: Researchers unravel why certain tissues spur cancers more frequently than other types

Why does cancer flourish more often in certain tissue (in the colon, say) than in others (bone)? Random mutations, which happ...

Wild-Born Orangutan Teaches Herself to 'Talk' Like A Human

An orangutan at a German Zoo learns to make vocalizations that sound a whole lot like people, and may help us understand both the origins of human speech and what all our yapping sounds like to zoo animals.

ECG shirt warns wearer of heart problems via smartphone

Israeli entrepreneurs weave ECG into a stretchy shirt to monitor heart activity, warning patients and their doctors of abnormalities on their mobile devices. The shirts could also be used to monitor fetuses and their mothers during high-risk pregnancies. [Source: Reuters Plus]

How to Build a Snowman: Step-by-Step

Depending on where you live, this short video could be very useful.

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