Comprehensive Anti-doping Detection using the Q Exactive Orbitrap MS for Equine Urine Analysis

Professor, University of California–Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine

Aggregation Analysis and Beyond: Analytical Ultracentrifugation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Head of the AUC facility of Sandoz/Novartis

Preventing Contamination in Cell Culture

Field Application Specialist, Eppendorf Headquarter

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Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes.

For centuries, every civilization on Earth has looked skyward to the sun and depended on it for energy, heat, light and even ...

Sleeping for Months...In Space?

Remember all those science fiction movies that showed space travelers encased in sleep chambers? The premise was that humans ...

Penn-Led Study Ties Aging to Oxidative Damage in Mitochondria

Humans always want to find a way to extend life just a little longer. By learning how people age, researchers are attempting...

Stem Cells, Blindness And Why The Media Loves Miracle Cures

Scientists researching the safety of stem cells have found the cells can help improve sight in patients with vision impairments.

[Source: Newsy Science]

Learning to Protect Biodiversity

One of several informative videos produced by UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).   This video specfically addresses the importance of biodiversity and how it is interconnected with global sustainability issues.

Stem Cells Could Produce Insulin

A team of scientists at Harvard seems to have taken a crucial step toward eventually curing diabetes by creating insulin-producing beta cells.

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