Detection of RNAs with flow cytometry

Director of International Programs at the Ragon Institute, MGH, MIT, and Harvard

Preparing Your Clinical Laboratory for High Throughput Buccal Swab DNA Purification

Director of Technology at Interleukin Geneticsaker

Statin Myopathy: When might it be autoimmune?

Director of the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center

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UCI, Italian scientists limit accelerated cellular aging caused by methamphetamine use

Methamphetamine starts out as a feed-good drug, but its long-term effects can be devastating. Research demonstrates that a g...

Going Quiet In Kraken Mare

It began with the Apollo 11 Lunar module, signaling the historic first manned landing on the moon. In subsequent Apollo miss...

Researchers Find Previously Unknown Means of Viral Transmission: Virus particles travel in clusters, more deftly infecting cells than solitary viruses

Researchers have found a remarkableand heretofore unseenway in which viruses disperse between cells. Multiple polioviruses (a...

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