PoCT Integrated into Clinical Care Contributing to Improved Cardiac Outcomes in Rural Areas

Network Operations & Research Manager, iCCnet, Country Health SA Local Health Network Inc

Opportunities to simplify clinical lipid assessment

Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Biochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Keynote: Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in the Management of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Distinguished Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Medical Director Colorado Center for Bone Research

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Protein could be key to whether people get Alzheimers

While scientists are not yet sure how it works, they have linked a new protein to Alzheimer's disease. Called TDP-43, the pr...

Obesity: The More the Merrier.

The news is full of reports about the obesity epidemic in the U.S., and, in fact, the prevalence of obesity increased by 61% ...

Cortellis Reaches Milestone

The Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of intelligent information for business...

How Cells Obtain Energy

This video clearly explains the processes associated with cellular energy processing.

Earth's Global Electric Circuit

We live inside Earth's "global electric circuit," sharing our atmosphere with sprites, elves, blue jets, and other electric phenomena. Scientists have been studying our planet's electrical environment for a century or so, from the charged particles at the top of the atmosphere, to electrical storms in clouds, to lightning that sometimes reaches the ground. But we haven't had a way to study all of it, as a system, until now.

Felling giant redwoods

A great video from the 1940's about harvesting giant redwoods in a time before chainsaws. Makes you appreciate that deck even more, especially if the grain is vertical and the sapwood scarce.

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