What to Do About Flu in 2014

Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine at Yale School of Medicine, Director of Clinical Laboratories for the VA Connecticut Healthcare System

Comprehensive Anti-doping Detection using the Q Exactive Orbitrap MS for Equine Urine Analysis

Professor, University of California–Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine

Aggregation Analysis and Beyond: Analytical Ultracentrifugation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Head of the AUC facility of Sandoz/Novartis

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Offering Pain Relief Sooner Shows Benefits

Palliative care is aimed at relieving the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness, is often utilized only at the very en...

The Ultimate Act of Recycling: Using Tonsil Stem Cells to Repair Liver Damage

Its impossible to overstate the importance of having a healthy liver, but Id be hard-pressed to extol the virtues of tonsils....

Nature, Nurture, Noise

How and how much living things are affected by nature vs. nurture has been an ongoing debate for many years. But, the whole p...

First-Of-Its-Kind Treatment Gives Man Ability To Walk Again

A medical team has for the first time given a man the ability to walk again after transplanting cells from his brain onto his severed spinal cord.

Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

Beautiful and thought provoking video with time lapse footage of mushrooms growing.

Macrophage chasing down a bacterium

Pretty amazing video of life at the microscale. Thank you macrophage!

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